The importance of being aware of, and valuing time.

It’s December, we’re almost at the end of yet another year – and what a year it’s been!

For many people, 2013 has been a year of huge change, change in their desired direction. 2014 will be a continuation of that. Consider what you were doing in December 2012. Did your life look different to what it looks like now? Does it look the same? And are you content with that? It was just over 12 months ago that I made the choice to begin the journey of working for myself and being of service to others. What a difference 1 year makes. If there’s one thing being a coach has taught me, it’s this: most people are essentially good. Most people desire genuine connection with others and fulfilment in their working lives.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s February, July or December. It’s all just time. And time keeps moving along – irrespective of what you decide to label it. A week ago I had the pleasure of meeting with an organisation that is up for creating a better world, a world where people feel their lives have meaning (more on that next year). How many people have said “things start winding down at this time of year”?  A lot of people I know are still creating the life they want and connecting with people who will help them do that even into this week! They don’t care whether it’s December – they recognise that it’s all just time. Why wait until January or February (when the world apparently “gets busy again”) if you can get something done now? Why wait until another year comes and goes to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do? What exactly are you waiting for?

Time keeps chugging along. If you live in Melbourne, you know the order of events. In January, ads for The Australian Open will start appearing. And then it will be Valentines Day. And then it’s time for The Melbourne Comedy Festival. And then The Melbourne Jazz festival comes next. And then the Film Festival and then time for The Writers Festival. And so on and so forth (with lots of other events I haven’t mentioned believe me) until it’ll be Christmas 2014.  Is your life doing the same thing? Ticking along? Same as before? Time just keeps moving. It’s so important to be aware of that. And time doesn’t care. It will just keep pacing along no matter what you choose to do with it.

Change is the only constant. It actually takes more work to stay the same, because nothing in nature does. Even your body is constantly and continuously changing (shedding skin, shedding hair, regenerating anew month after month).

You are the main protagonist in your own life. You play the lead role. You are not an extra. So go on, create the life you want because no one else will do it for you.

Stay safe during the end of year festivities, remember to HAVE FUN and rejuvenate. Get excited to create a brilliant 2014.



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