You trust others, but what about yourself?

We know how we feel about others. We know who we trust the most, and maybe even who we don’t trust at all. But can you trust yourself?

Quite often I’ve spoken about “taking the leap”. Everywhere we look these days we are being encouraged to live the life of our dreams, life is short and we must make the most of it (you are already naked, there is no reason not to follow your heart, Steve Jobs said) and thank goodness for this.

Taking action to see that project you’ve dreamed come to fruition requires courage. Be it finding or creating your dream job, starting a short-term project, taking a break to travel the world, moving cities, bringing to life your business idea (the list is endless).

Could the reason you’re holding back be: you don’t trust yourself fully? Not trusting yourself to see it through? Not trusting that you know what to do or that when you are stuck there is help available if only you ask?

This choice is a journey (Or a marathon. After one milestone, you pat yourself on the back and the race goes on until the next milestone and so on). Did you try something in the past but it didn’t work out as quickly as you’d hoped, or unfold the way you wanted it to? Did you then quit? Or perhaps you don’t think your abilities are good enough? Are you an aspiring author comparing yourself to JK Rowling? Are you a musician comparing yourself to Lenny Kravitz? Not a good idea. You crush your self esteem even before you have started. Even the successful ones began somewhere (see last week’s post “Just Start!“)

One of the first questions I was asked when I said I’d be working from home sometimes was “do you think you’ll have the discipline?”. Good question. And the answer was a resounding “yes!”. Trust me, when you know, you know. The time for wasting time will be over and you will know that you have work to do. Consider  how hard you’ve worked in the past. Consider what’s happened in the past when you’ve put your efforts 100% (if not more!). More often than not you experienced success. Well, guess what? You will do the same for what you are genuinely passionate about. But do you trust yourself?

There are ups and downs. Days when you are reminded that you are ON PURPOSE and joyful about it, and days when you will doubt. But you will find that you are filled with gratitude that you chose this path. You could have done something else, put the dream on hold another year – but you didn’t. It takes guts. Trust yourself.

It’s December 2013, what were you doing December 2012? What do you want to be doing December 2014?


  1. Don’t defer the dream another year. Trust yourself and just do it.

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