Just start!

I had the pleasure of speaking to a woman who is up for some amazing things.

Her name is Tania De Jong, she’s a trained soprano and a businesswoman who believes that creativity can help us solve so many of the world’s problems. Tania is one of a number of speakers sharing their knowledge at “Seeing The Unseen“, a  TEDx Melbourne event on December 3rd. If you’re in Melbourne that day, I highly recommend you pass by and share in the wisdom that will be exchanged.

One thing Tania said that I think all of us should hear is this: just start. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, achieve, see come to fruition – just start.

There will always be doubts. But that makes perfect sense, if you’ve never done something before you don’t know how it will end. But instead of worrying about whether it will backfire, how about thinking about how you will succeed. How about then thinking of all the things you’ve accomplished in any area of your life (and don’t say they are “too small”) and knowing that if you did it once, you can do it again.

Whenever my clients thank me for the coaching work we do together, and notice the difference it has made in their lives, I think to myself “imagine if I’d never taken the leap to become a coach”. We would have missed out on what we created together. Whenever anyone helps me with something they’re good at (particularly if they’ve chosen to make it their life’s work) I am grateful. What would have happened if they hadn’t taken the leap and began offering those services? We would all miss out, that’s what. Everyone misses out when we choose to play small.

Another thing to know is, sometimes what you do may not work out they way you thought it would. Key words: the way you thought it would (hint: look out for other lessons in the process). That’s no reason to quit. Instead, keep exploring and refining. It’s about Doing, Observing, Learning and Tweaking. When I first began this blog it was far from perfect, it didn’t look anything like it does now. But I went ahead anyway. Along the way I asked for help and I got it. It’s a work in progress – like all things I’m still learning and refining.

Growth and change is the natural order of things, so it makes sense that with whatever you do, there will be growth and change.

It’s November 27th 2013, hopefully this day looks different for you than November 27th 2012 did. Hopefully there’s been growth.


  1. Got something on your mind you’d like to make happen? Just start.
  2. If you’ve achieved before, you can achieve again. If you’ve mastered something you had no idea about before, you can master this new thing.
  3. Growth and change is normal. The same goes for your ideas and your work.

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