Who are your heroes? Do you need some new ones?

These days, we idolise business people. They are our new gods.

How many people want to start a business –  but have an exit strategy for it i.e in 3 years they want to sell and make a fortune – they want, what I call, the “Instagram” dream. Or they have visions of themselves as the next Steve Jobs. The thing is, there will only ever be one Steve Jobs. His story might resonate with some people, but not with others. And neither is right or wrong.

I believe we each need to find our own additional heroes. Heroes that resonate with us.  And guess what? some of these heroes need not be world famous. They will be heroes who operate in other spaces – not just in business. I think it’s imperative to do so especially now when we can see what some big businesses, with questionable ethics, are doing to the environment, to the communities around their areas of operation. It’s no secret now how some of our food is produced (it’s scary – we’ve all seen the documentaries). It’s also no secret how many hard working decent folk are being laid off. What has it all amounted to for them?

The other truth is, not everyone is interested in business. Not everyone is going to be fulfilled creating a startup or an app, and becoming the next great business hero. These are ideals that are valued by some people but not all.

It’s important for us to realise that the public discourse has been overtaken by one kind of conversation. Some people may just want to be parents. Others just want to be teachers or nurses. Others may just want to make music. Others may just want to contribute in the neighbourhood they live in, or the city they live in without the global glory. Others just want to write books and share their imaginings with the world (even in this arena we seem to be interested in those authors whose books have turned them into billionaires).

You see, we’ve made it all about money. We’ve made it all about economics. These are important aspects of life today, but they are not all that is. The truth is, for many people, meaning will come from other places. I believe it’s worthwhile taking the time to find out where fulfilment will be for you. What would you  absolutely love to spend your time doing? Where lies your joy? That is your sweet spot.

Other people’s hopes, dreams and achievements are just that – other people’s. Some of their stories will inspire you, others won’t. But don’t get confused into thinking you should do this one thing that seems to be the “in thing to do”. That will be your ego (the good old ego!) running the show yet again.


  1. Get honest about what you truly want to do, and how you can do it.
  2. Find a hero in that field. And remember they need not be world famous or incredibly rich.
  3. Find like minded souls and form a family of sorts – grow together.
  4. Pay attention to the public discourse. It may just be speaking to and about a certain group and not others.

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