Purpose. Vision. And the romantic life.

The importance of being clear on your purpose can’t be emphasized enough.

Purpose: the reason for which something exists. What were you put here for? What do you authentically want to do with your life?

These may sound like airy fairy “warm-fuzzy-feeling” type questions but the reality is even logic would imply that the smart thing to do is to make use of your natural abilities + the skills you’ve learned along the way to do what genuinely inspires you.  That’s what will get you out of bed with excitement each day (rather than dread or resignation).

Vision and purpose aren’t just words reserved for organisations. Take the time to work out what your purpose is. And it will be different for each person.  From there, work out the vision i.e  the vision for your life and the vision for the vehicle you’ll use to live your purpose. The vehicle could be: a project, a business,  your current job, it could be a personal decision to live simply, to be a living breathing example of compassion, to be an awesome parent and raise an exceptional and loving human being. The vehicle through which you live your purpose can be anything!

Your purpose and the vision you have to live it don’t need to be grandiose. In fact let’s do away with grandiose. We won’t all be world famous when we live our purpose – and that shouldn’t be your motivation anyway. We won’t all shift the course of entire nations like Ghandhi. We won’t all change the world with technology and innovation like Steve Jobs. We won’t all build multimedia empires and schools in another countries like Oprah Winfrey. That wasn’t what drove these people anyway. There were motivated by something else. Getting caught up in the “grandiosity” of it all is what trips many of us up and prevents us from even making a start. The ego wins once again because it gets excited by the potential fame and fortune that can come when you live your purpose.

Keep it authentic. Keep it simple. And then start the life-long journey of living your purpose. Get friends you trust to share it with, ask them what their purpose is and motivate each other. This where passion, romance and adventures in your own life live.


  1. Make time to clarify your purpose and the vision for your life. It’s a gift you give yourself.
  2. Do away with the “grandiose”. Stay humble.
  3. Share it with someone you trust and give them the same gift in return – ask them, what would you really like to do with your life?
  4. Seek out people who are living their purpose, take them out to lunch, hear their stories, get their advice.
  5. Be up for a life devoid of banal or the same old same old. You know you deserve better.

Got something to share? Go ahead and leave a comment.


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