It’s true: wherever you go, there you are

This week I’m in Seoul for the first time. It’s an interesting city. Lots of people, lots to do. Busy Busy Busy.

I always enjoy seeing new things, hearing new sounds, being exposed to a different language, a different lifestyle. I quite like quirky ideas like free outdoor gyms, bustling night markets with delicious cheap food served by chirpy old ladies.

And yet, I can’t help but remember the saying: wherever you go, there you are. Even here in Seoul, I’m still very much the same person I am in my home city of Melbourne – and thank goodness I like that person!  For the first time also, I’ve not gone on a holiday to take a break from my regular life. I like my regular life too. Had someone told me years ago that this would happen I wouldn’t have believed it.

This tells me a number of things. First, a change of location can work wonders to how you experience life and thus how you feel – in the short term.  Inevitably your way of being re-surfaces and there you are –  with the same values and the same thought processes,. Who you be (as in, who you are on an ongoing basis) will always be right there no matter where you go.

The same also applies if you change jobs (or even love interests!). How many times did you think this new one would be “the one” and a few months or years later you then started thinking “get me out of here”?

Superficial change only goes so far. Doing the work to evolve on a deeper level – become more of who you are meant to be, is what will build you a stronger foundation. Growth on a deeper level means that when you do change your physical location (or anything else in the external world) the things you are exposed to only enrich the quality of your life. You no longer move from one thing to the next in the hope that “this new thing will be the thing that changes everything!”


  1. Think about that “change” you thought would change everything? Was it superficial or long-lasting?
  2. Are you still taking holidays to get away from regular life? How about doing what’s necessary to make your “regular life” so sweet you don’t need a holiday from it?

Got something to share, leave a comment. Let others learn from your experiences – the world needs to hear from other voices.


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