Will you like the look of your harvest?

We get caught up in many illusions these days.

We can shop online and have goodies in our hot little hands in 3 days. And if we don’t like them we can return them, no problem. We watch live TV and share in the experiences of people in other cities simultaneously. All these are beneficial but they can create the illusion that I must get what I want NOW. NOW is good.

The truth is, while we’re scurrying around, time does what time has always done. Move along at the same pace. Spring is upon us here in Melbourne and I love how my favourite trees are once again changing colour. Seasonal changes are a good reminder that the more things change the more they stay the same i.e there are universal truths that will always remain.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in growing my business is remembering that there is a time to sow and there’s a time to reap. I’m conscious of what and where I’m sowing. And whether I’m watering and nurturing those “seeds” and whether I’ll like the look of what I harvest.

With each action you take, consciously or unconsciously, you’re sowing something. You’re sowing relationships, you’re sowing projects. When those seeds sprout will you be happy with the harvest? If you go ahead and invest in that long, expensive course will you be happy with what you reap? Is it what you really want to do? If you go ahead and stay in that situation (personal or at work) will you be glad with what you reap 6 months or a year from now? If the answers are “YES” then do it. But if the answer is “I’m not sure” or “No” – then it would be better to pause and consider your next steps.

Patience is a virtue, another truism. The juice is in the journey. We hear news stories of success but few will then talk about the long journey to get there. Give yourself a chance and be patient with your goals. Many people don’t even start on anything they really want to do because they can’t see how it will work. Some start and then drop off once they realise it’s a marathon and not a sprint.  Don’t self-sabotage by not trying because you can’t see instant rewards. Don’t self sabotage by killing the dream halfway through.


  1. What are you sowing right now? And remember, inaction is also a form of sowing.
  2. Don’t buy into the “give it to me now” mentality.
  3. Be kind to yourself by being patient.
  4. If you don’t like the look of what you’ll harvest, ask yourself “what should I do differently?”

Got something to share? Comments are always welcome.


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