Truth, being real + connection

Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny’s Child) has generated thought-provoking dialogue because of her single “Dirty Laundry“. In it she talks about a low point in her life when she was in an abusive relationship, and how because she was in a difficult space, she was angered by (among other things) Beyonce’s success – even while being happy for her at the same time.

It’s hard enough confessing to close friends when you’re in a bad place; Kelly Rowland is confessing to her fans and to all the world. Whether or not you’re a fan of her music is not the point of this article – this is a piece about the importance of being courageous and being real. Who knows how many other people will listen to that single, be able to relate and be comforted or inspired by how Kelly Rowland got herself out of that situation?

Stories like these allow us to really connect to one another as human beings.  The single is a valuable reminder that we all make mistakes and we are all still learning – no one is exempt. For this reason compassion is so important. There are other lessons too: the importance of reaching out when you’re troubled (see my blog post on not going it alone because others are experiencing the same thing here); be willing to ask for help and not letting pride or embarrassment stop you; you may be doing great in your career, but are you also fostering wellness in your personal relationships?

Despite that incident in your past that makes you cringe (or worse), you are still here. You are still here to tell the story, and sharing it openly and honestly can liberate you, and can certainly help others learn from it (see my blog post on how your own story matters here). I’ve always been drawn to people who haven’t had the tidiest of lives. Their scars (metaphorically speaking) are a sign of a life that is being lived to the full. We all know that the light can’t exist without the dark, that joy is on one end of a spectrum that has pain on it too. The ills of the world provide you with an opportunity to contribute by doing good. All of it exists for a reason.


  1. Holding onto something that’s really troubling you? Share it with a trusted friend(s) who you know will not judge. Be comforted knowing they are there for you.
  2. Ask for help when you need it.
  3. Happiness 24/7 is an unrealistic pursuit. Life is about the ups and downs. Stop trying so hard to be happy, and just be real.
  4. Remember the phoenix rises from ashes (not from a bowl of strawberry ice-cream)
  5. As per my blog post a few weeks ago – remember to surround yourself with good people (Kelly Rowland has mentioned too that Beyonce loved the track, and reminded Kelly that she had always been and would always be there for her)

Got something to share? Leave a comment, it might be exactly what someone needs to hear today.


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