Fun/Work, the must-have infusion.

Some time ago I was working away at my desk, noticing that lately I had been feeling tired and uninspired.

Then as I was having lunch with a good friend (see my blog post on surrounding yourself with good people here), another soul putting the time and energy into work she’s passionate about, and she reminded me that so much of what we do should be seen through a creative lens. Whatever project you’re working on, big or small, remember that it is you, engaging in the process of creating.

Here’s the thing, I’m so used to there being a distinct line between “work” and “play” that even my state of mind completely changes depending on which of the two I’m doing. I approach work with “seriousness”. There are items on lists to check off. I associated words like focus and concentration with silence. Then I started playing music (John Coltrane anyone?) as I worked and things got much better. But there was still something missing.

Now I am determined to infuse child-like play and cheerfulness to my work, and you see, I can still check off all the items on that to-do list. There are many ways to get from Point A to Point B. Why not create an enjoyable journey? We can continue to be grave when we’re working or we can remain light, excited and remember the many blessings in our individual situations. The interesting thing is your creativity when you are in this state of mind increases, which is off course better for your work, and you can find yourself achieving even more than you’d set out to do in the allotted time. I know that’s been the case for me.

If you feel that you currently have a j-o-b with tasks and duties, now is the time to prioritise those hobbies and pet projects you’ve always wanted to get off the ground (see my blog post on doing more of what brings you joy here). Trust me, it will feed into your work too.


  1. Infuse all your work with child-like play.
  2. Be creative about it – music, colourful images infront of you to remind you that you’re in a state of creation, take breaks and do something completely unrelated to your work. Nourish your brain with fresh, new ideas during your breaks (see my blog post on what I learnt listening to Ricky Gervais here).
  3. Have a lightness of being. Life is too short to be too grave all the time.
  4. Remind yourself of your successes and smile about that.

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