Embody, attract.

Some time ago I had a thought-provoking encounter with an acquaintance. After telling them I was intending to start a coaching business they spoke of the many challenges of doing this. I started feeling down, and worse, doubtful.

Because I’d been feeling particularly upbeat at the time it was glaringly obvious that there had been a shift in my feelings brought on by our conversation.

After doing automatic writing on it, I realised something. This acquaintance was merely mirroring my own doubts – the kind you face when embarking on unfamiliar territory. That’s why I got hooked. There was something within me that resonated with those words of doubt. I finally got it – I am truly a magnet. It was then for me to constantly curtail thoughts of doubt and fear of failure, and just take the plunge with optimism and courage. The real regret would be to never try.

It’s also important to surround yourself with people that are uplifting. This doesn’t mean surround yourself with sycophants. It means being the kind of person who attracts upbeat, proactive folk who are facing life’s challenges head on, as opposed to complaining but doing nothing about them. In order to do this though, you have to embody those qualities too. The relationship becomes a true give-and-receive partnership.

You are a magnet. As a capable adult now is the time to say “enough blaming others for my more unpleasant experiences”. Instead ask:  “have I contributed in any way to the creation of this situation?” Some answers could be: “Well, I keep spending time with person X who I know is not good for me”. Or,  “I’m not communicating honestly with that person about how their behaviour affects me”. Or “I’m complaining about this job but not really doing anything to find a more fulfilling one”.

There is so much power in taking full responsibility in your life. It’s scary, but liberating.


  1. Think of a magnet, literally. You attract what you attract because something within you is resonating with what you’ve attracted.
  2. Want particular experiences or people in your life? Embody those qualities so that you become a magnet that resonates with others embodying those same qualities.
  3. Going through a particular low patch? Take courage and ask yourself if you’ve contributed to creating the situation in any way. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just think next of what to do differently.
  4. Experiencing a change in your tastes? It could be that those things, people and events just don’t resonate with you anymore. Time to move onto new things that do.
  5. Good things happening to you? Smile. You’ve attracted that too!

Your voice matters – post a comment below. It may just be what someone needs to see today.



  1. thehappyrat

    Absolutely. I had the exact same experience today when a friend started expressing his doubts about one of my life changes, and I found myself getting upset. I only felt like that because some part of me was really worried he was correct and actually, I didn’t really trust myself on this issue.

    Thanks for pointing out the magnet concept!

    Sarah (The Happy Rat)

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