Movement. Emotions. Release

Some time ago, I followed my gut and began looking for a dance teacher. I had an inkling that movement and being fully in my body (even for just 1 or 2 sessions) was something I needed.

I put the word out, got a few bites and then the universe brought me Tariro Mavondo. Among other things Tariro is a Melbourne actress and proponent of movement as a way of releasing emotion locked away in the body.

After just 1 conversation with her I learned about people like Anna Halprin and the use of movement to heal.

We had our first session last night. It was cathartic and intense in all the right ways. And oh so liberating. There were even tears during the workshop, not because I was sad, but because I needed to release the strain I’d been feeling in my body lately. There’s a qualitative difference.

I have been a “thinker” mostly and only in the last few years have I seen the value of “truly being in the body”. Awareness of how it feels when you enter a room or when you’re listening to what someone is saying for example.

And this expands one’s repertoire. Thinking your way through things is just one way of getting through life. Feeling your way through things is another.  Imagine if you could do both.


  1. if you’ve been craving a dance or movement workshop –  do it.
  2. if your gut’s been urging you to take a certain action – I recommend that too. Even if you can’t explain why.
  3. If you truly want to learn something, spread the word, be patient and the teacher will come.
  4. there are now many diverse healing modalities out there. Be bold, go ahead and explore them, find what works for you.
  5. Spirit+Body+Mind   – treat all three with the care they deserve.

Your voice matters – post a comment below. It may just be what someone needs to see today.


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