Word Power. What’s your personal fuel?

The book Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins makes for a great and very-handy-to-know read.

Quite apart from the ins and outs of kinesiology that are explored (how your body automatically weakens or remains strong depending on what it’s exposed to – from certain words to certain music), the book provides us with clues to reach for different ways of being or different fuel if you will, in everything we do.

Take a look at the words below and notice how each of them makes you feel, or the thoughts that each of them elicit in your mind:

Abundant vs Excessive
Beautiful vs Glamorous
Challenged vs Impeded
Concerned vs Judgemental
Detached vs Removed
Determined vs Stubborn
Diplomatic vs Deceptive
Helpful vs Meddling
Just vs Punitive
Observant vs Suspicious
Purposeful vs Desirous
Serving vs Ambitious
Trusting vs Gullible
Reliant vs Dependent

And my personal favourite: Powerful vs Forceful

Notice how the words on the left bring about quite a different feeling (or invoke different thoughts) to the words on the right? Not only do things as “simple” as words carry a certain energy and have an impact on how we feel and our resulting behaviour, but also, acting from a particular place can have a very different outcome to acting from another place. How likely are you to achieve what you’d like if you’re being forceful rather than being powerful? Have you noticed the different reactions you get when you’re being helpful vs when you’re being meddling? There’s a very fine line between being trusting and being gullible. Many of us have been gullible in love and gotten hurt, and it has lead us to stop trusting, which is not where we want to be. How does it feel when someone’s requesting something of you vs when someone’s demanding something of you?

What do you choose to fuel your behaviour? Do you want to be empathetic or pitying? Do you want to be thrifty or cheap? It’s also important off course to understand the definition of these words because quite often we misunderstand what they mean. Being thrifty for example is a word we don’t hear much of these days (we can all see that excess and glamour have taken over), yet it’s the wise thing to do. It is also not the same as being cheap or being miserly.

I know for myself, as someone starting a Life Coaching service, I would certainly rather be inviting instead of urging.

As with many things, it all comes down to choice. What way of being can you reach for from now on so that your behaviour is empowering? What steps can you take today to exercise being powerful instead of being forceful, being intentional instead of being calculating?

Share your comments and let the rest of the readers hear your voice.


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