(The) beauty is in the eye…

This week’s blog post is short, sweet and a little bit different to the others.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You can interpret this to mean “beauty is subjective” i.e what I think is beautiful may not necessarily be what you think is beautiful. Another thought is that the meaning of this phrase is something like this: if your “eye” is beautiful, then you will see beauty in things. Conversely if your “eye” is not, you will see only ugliness. This is an invitation to look at our natural predisposition. Whichever you prefer, remember to reach for empowering thoughts. Do the work to clear you heart and your mind so that you can see the beauty even amidst the madness, and I think that from there, you can be even more empowered to be of service to those, who for many a reason in today’s world, are struggling.

Through my photography (a hobby I prioritised once I learned that pursuing your passions is imperative to good health, wellbeing and sanity), I try to look for the beauty in ordinary things. So go on (1) see the beauty in the ordinary and (2) pursue your passions. Even if it’s just 1 hour a week. It’s a start. And post your comments above! We can all learn from your musings too.

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